Car GPS Tracker ST-902

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Car GPS Tracker is a new device that uses GPS to determine the precise location of your car and record its position in real-time. You can easily keep track of your car online from a computer, or via the SinoTrack mobile app available on Android and iOS. Work and sleep without worry thanks to Car GPS Tracker!

 Real time vehicle tracking
 GPS tracking device
 OBD standard interface (for power)
 Built in 4 hrs battery (if disconnected)
 Works on all cars manufactured after 1996
 Remotely learn the position of your car
 Support function of map location inquiry
 Simply plug into the OBD port
 Send SMS to phone in case of thieft
 Supports GPRS & SMS (Pay as u go or Contract Sim required)
 Works on cars, vans and lorries
 Shock alarm function in case of collision
 Low battery alarm
 Speeding alarm
 Free Web & Mobile App (SinoTrack)

How does it work ?

With the Car GPS Tracker simply plug the device into your car's OBD port and get its real-time location instantly on your phone or computer. The app also provides features such as sending an SMS to a specific number in case of collision or theft, when the device battery is low, or when the vehicle speeds. 

Where do I get the app ?

You can download SinoTrack mobile app for Android and iOS below. If you'd like to remotely connect to the device using your computer, simply click here.


Important: This product does require a pre-paid or Pay As You Go Sim Card (not included) in order to work.
Manual instructions can be downloaded here.