MicroTouch Precision Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmer

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The perfect tool to get rid of your hair in the most complicated places.

For the most part, our society is anti-hair and it’s pretty cruel. People who have hair that comes out of their ears, nose, or have extremely thick eyebrows are mocked.

Most people prefer when their partners are well-groomed.

However, some of these places are difficult to reach with a conventional trimmer. You risk cutting yourself ... Plucking your nose hair is extremely painful and almost impossible to access with most other trimmers, Same goes for the ears. For the eyebrows, the slightest mistake can make you look ridiculous.

However, we have found the solution with this exceptional, affordable product!

The advantages of this micro-trimmer:

- Effective and precise with built-in LED light

- Painless

- No risk of injuring yourself

- Rubber non-slip grip makes it easy to carry and lightweight

- Includes two different attachments for varying lengths of hair

Where to use it:

- Nose hairs

- Eyebrows

- Ear hairs

- Chest and stomach

- Arms

- Legs

- Private areas

- Armpits

- Anywhere else that you have hair, really...


Precise and painless, you will be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with this product.


*Powered by one AAA battery (not included).

Do not use near water.